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Publication of Theses

For information on the release of the thesis to public and thesis forms and copyrighting, please consult the Graduate College Thesis Manual, pages 1-3.

Student control over the distribution of doctoral theses

The Graduate College encourages the widest possible distribution of the results of doctoral research and facilitates this dissemination by the sale of microfilm copies in cooperation with ProQuest. However, in instances where the publication of the thesis would normally be in the form of a book, consideration may be given, upon recommendation of the major department, to an agreement between the author, the Graduate College, and UMI whereby sale of microfilm copies would be delayed for a limited period of time not to exceed two years. Again, in certain cases, consideration will be given to an agreement whereby microfilm sales will cease upon publication of a thesis by a firm able to ensure ready availability to libraries and individuals.

Further information on thesis guidelines and assistance